Metroid Prime: Federation Force


The Metroid Story – Part 5: Seeds of Corruption

Loneliness. Despair. Survival. From the ruins of planet Zebes to the unfriendly wilderness of SR388, these terms permeate Samus Aran’s adventures through the cosmos. Between battling Space Pirates and …

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Upcoming Games | August 2016

Our list of Upcoming Games for this August include big expansions, big AAA titles, and indie games from newcomers and respected devs alike.

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Metroid Prime Federation Force

Federation Force: Fun or Fizzle?

There’s been a lot of negative hype around Metroid Prime Federation Force over the past year. A lot.

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The Future of Metroid with Federation Force and its Petition

The Metroid Prime: Federation Force petition is emblematic of a larger problem with gamers, the industry as a whole, and what we can expect companies to do with our beloved franchises.

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