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Injustice: Gods Among Us gets Zod Trailer, Man of Steel Skin

If you liked Man of Steel (it’s pretty good, trust us), then you’ll like the next bit of DLC coming to Injustice: Gods Among Us.

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Fanatical Five | Superman Stories You Should Read

It’s the summer of Superman, as DC Comics celebrates the Man of Steel‘s 75th anniversary.

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Fan Mixes Superman Old and New In Man of Steel Trailer

Remember when fans were skeptical about Man of Steel composer Hans Zimmer’s ability to create a score worthy of following John William’s seminal original?

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Geek Cave Podcast #28: Best/Worst of 2012

Chad, Darrin, and Justin of The Geek Cave count off the best and worst things that happened in comics, movies, and games over 2012, including …

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Marvel and DC Worlds Meet at Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2013

In just over two weeks, The Amazing Arizona Comic Convention will be hitting Phoenix with its powerful punch of artists, innovators, and legions of their …

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The Geek Cave: Man of Steel Trailer, Justice League Movie Plans

If you’re a fan of movies or DC Comics, you’re going to love this edition of The Geek Cave.

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Man of Steel Gets A New Trailer, Expectations Skyrocket

You’ll have to forgive my lack of enthusiasm for Man of Steel, the Christopher Nolan produced Superman reboot. I mean, the recent track record for Krypton’s …

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The Man of Steel is Here

I know the entire world is abuzz with The Dark Knight Rises and the issues that come associated with it recently, but there is something people …

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Macken Movie Update – Superman

The role for the Man of steel has been filled, and guess what…he’s British. Yep, we’ve won the ashes and now we’ve won the lead …

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