One Night Ultimate Werewolf Tabletop Review – Time to Howl

I’ll try to avoid the puns, but One Night Ultimate Werewolf really is a great game with tons of replayability.

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Mafia III’s ‘One Way Road’ Trailer Explodes Onto Our Screens

2K Czech and Hangar 13 have released a new trailer for the upcoming Mafia 3. By the looks of the trailer it isn’t the usual Mafia romp.

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Mafia 3 gameplay trailer

Mafia 3 Gameplay Trailer Showcases Driving, Combat, and More

Mafia III has all the elements of your typical AAA cover shooter, but brings refinement, a fresh location, and flair to the formula.

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Mafia Developers Reportedly Working on New "Super Interesting" Title

Heads up! 2K Czech recently placed a job offer in Gamasutra looking for a Lead Mission Designer to work on “the next AAA title of the …

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Mafia 2 Demo Impressions (PS3)

Alright so I love games that have to do with the gangs and mobs of the American past. Mafia II is set between the years …

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