Killzone 2


The Game Fanatics' Favorite Video Game Soundtracks

Video game soundtracks. One of the many great factors that contribute to the mood and feelings that games create and make us feel. Skyrim wouldn’t …

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Killzone 3 Just Went Gold

Just announced via PlayStation Blog, Killzone 3, set to be released on February 22nd, just went gold. Killzone 3 takes place right where Killzone 2 …

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Top 10 Video Game Budgets

Ever since I took economics at a college level, I’ve always been intrigued by numbers and budgets. Combine that with gaming and hell I’m an …

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G-Spot Pilot Episode (Contest!)

I know it’s been a little bit of a wait, but I bring to you today the pilot episode of the G-Spot, which (in my …

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Sony's TGS Lineup

With the Tokyo Game Show right around the corner, it’s going to be hard for Sony to outperform and out deliver the success they achieved …

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