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Nintendo Delays Nintendo TVii Launch

Nintendo indirectly announced today that the Nintendo TVii service will not launch alongside the Wii U on November 18th. 

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Hulu Plus Now Available On Wii U

Good news, Wii U owners! Hulu Plus is finally available for your shiny new console!

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Hulu Plus (Finally) Hits Wii, 3DS Later This Year

Despite already being available on both the Xbox 360 and PS3, Hulu Plus is still making some rounds on new consoles; Specifically, Nintendo consoles. The streaming video …

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Hulu Plus on Xbox 360 Confirmed

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson confirmed today that Hulu Plus will indeed be coming to Xbox Live tomorrow, as previously rumored. In addition, all Xbox Live …

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Hulu To Offer Week’s Worth Of Credit Due To PSN Outage

The US internet TV service Hulu is giving a week’s worth of credit to Hulu Plus members due to the current PSN downtime. E-mails were …

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Rumor: Hulu on XBL This Friday

XBox Live already has Netflix instant streaming and Zune’s Marketplace but now we might have another way to watch videos, this time, with Hulu Plus. …

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