Pax Prime 2012 | Twtich.TV Will Be Making An Appearance

Twtich, the leading online broadcaster of video gaming has announced their present at this weekend’s PAX Prime event. 

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Hi-Rez's Smite is Going Strong

This weekend got a bit busy. I was intending to write an article about Hi-Rez’s new take on the MOBA genre: Smite. But I found …

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Huge Tribes Ascend Update Released – 27 New Weapons Locked and Loaded

Hi-Rez Studios gave Tribes Ascend a boost this week as they released the ‘Accelerate‘ update to the masses. The 400 MB patch brought about a …

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Tribes: Ascend | Stayin' Alive Update

Tribes: Ascend continues its path of destruction with its most recent update, titled “Staying Alive” (because of the Brute’s “disco-loving nature”) that focuses on the …

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Tribes: Ascend Hits The Competitive Gaming Scene

Hi-Rez only released Tribes: Ascend a few weeks ago, but they’re already confident enough in their playerbase, game balance, and the fan’s desire for competitive …

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Smite Introduces Sobek, Egyptian God of the Nile

Hi-Rez Studios has announced another champion for their 3rd-person MOBA game Smite. This time, we see Sobek, the God of the Nile.

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Tribes: Ascend Seems To Be Shaping Up Nicely

I’m no veteran of the Tribes series, though I do know the basic premise: take conventional multiplayer FPS and flip it on its head with …

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Tribes: Ascend Beta Coming Soon!

Hi-Rez Studios are about to begin selecting players for the closed beta of Tribes: Ascend. It seems this will be a very selective process, so …

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