5 Smart Ways to Stay Healthy During A Long Gaming Session | Fanatical Five

Kingdom Hearts 3, Apex Legends, Overwatch, and other games are becoming really hard to put down. While there’s nothing wrong with have a marathon session …

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Max Payne 3: The Original Soundtrack Now Available on iTunes

Fans of the band HEALTH, who composed the original soundtrack for Max Payne 3, need not to wait any more than about a week since …

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Max Payne 3 Soundtrack Single "Tears" by HEALTH Now on iTunes

Gamers and music fans alike have been wondering about the composition playing throughout the minute-long Max Payne 3’s commercial since the spot’s airing at the …

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Max Payne 3 Soundtrack Available May 23rd

Rockstar has announced that the soundtrack to Max Payne 3 will be available on May 23rd, featuring LA-based band HEALTH. An excerpt from their song …

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