BioWare: You're the Next to be Hacked

It seems like no one and no where is safe within the gaming industry from these hackers. BioWare is the latest company to be hit …

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Nintendo Hacked by Same Group as Sony

While the frenzy that is E3 has unofficially begun, Nintendo has officially confirmed that one of their American servers was breached several weeks ago. While …

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Eidos Websites Hacked

This morning, Square Enix admitted that EidosMontreal.com and two product websites, including the new Deus Ex game, were hacked into and defaced. No credit card …

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SOE In Hot Water Again, Old Credit Card And Debit Card “May Have Been Lost”

Sony needs a complete makeover at this point, either that or they have to be what all companies fight not to do; be honest! In …

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Z-Live: The "PSN HACKED" Recap

So I’ve been keeping tabs on the news with PSN being down. I personally believe Sony screwed up from the very beginning to the end. …

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