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Top 5 Console Games Played on the iPhone

Even though the iPhone has no problem reaching out to the casual gamer audience, some people still aren’t satisfied with the device or the lack of …

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No Shame November: What really happened

Alright No Shame November, time to get a few things off my chest. We’ve all had those moments in games that we’re not too proud …

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Thirty Days of Video Games: Day Eight – Best Soundtrack

Picking the best soundtrack is one of the hardest things to do for this project. There are tracks from almost every video game that I …

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Short Wait for Ocarina of Time

Glad to know that the good people at Nintendo are working hard on the games that the fans really want for the 3Ds, stating that …

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Sucker Punch Aiming for GOTY

Sucker Punch broke into the next generation of gaming through the PlayStation 3 exclusive, inFamous, and the company had an instant hit and franchise on …

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