OCZ Launches ZS Power Supply Series

OCZ  a leading provider of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) and power supplies for computing devices and systems, announces the ZS Power Supply Series that offer …

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AMD’s Southern Island GPU’s on the Horizon

A storm is brewing at AMD.  AMD’s Southern Island graphics cards details have been leaked through the newest Catalyst Driver Software (Catalyst Driver 11.6a). According …

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Nintendo’s Wii U Specs

The long awaited “Wii U” specs are available today on Nintendo’s website. The “Wii U” specs seem very promising but, it’s unknown if Nintendo’s new …

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The PSP 2 is go!

The game industry let out a collective sigh of relief at approximately 1 AM EST this morning as the long awaited PSP 2 was unveiled …

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Shogun 2 PC specs released

The next title in the epic PC strategy series, Total War, will bring users back to the franchise’s roots in feudal Japan. Shogun 2: Total …

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Rumor: Nintendo 3DS Specs

The 3DS is set to be one powerful hand held system, surpassing both NDS and DSi in specs. IGN has reported on the specs for …

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