Own The Witcher 3 On Console? Claim Your Free PC Copy!

GOG is giving you a free copy of The Witcher 3 on PC if you have purchased it previously.

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GOG Connect Offers DRM-Free Steam Games

GOG – a digital distribution website – is now offering the power (through GOG Connect) to merge your Steam account in order to obtain DRM-free copies of certain eligible games.

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Old-School Bethesda Games DRM-Free on GOG

Bethesda are much-loved, highly thought of developers. Today, they decided to give some love back, with DRM free, classic Bethesda games.

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The Witcher Adventure Game Hunts Closed Beta

CD Projekt Red has been wasting no time in expanding their leading franchise and while The Witcher Adventure Game had been previously announced, it is now …

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GOG.com adds System Shock 2

GOG.com has announced the addition of System Shock 2 to its library of titles available for download. For those of you that don’t know what …

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Duke Nukem 3D Goes Free on GOG

GOG has just made Duke Nukem‘s best game absolutely free.

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Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Shines its Flashlight on PC

That’s right, the former Xbox 360 exclusive, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, is now officially coming to PC. On May 22nd the game will launch on …

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The Witcher 2 Gets DRM-Removal Patch

Initially, The Witcher 2 was intended to be free of any pesky digital rights management from every retailer. After careful deliberation, the only retailer that …

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