god of war iii


Fourteenth Annual DICE Winners

The fourteen annual DICE awards have come and gone and we have the list of winners for you. Looks like Mass Effect came out a …

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Possible God of War III DLC Coming

The God of War team is talking about DLC right now, or at least the possibility of it – but don’t expect to be seeing …

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God of War III will be 40+ GB in Europe

Sony Santa Monica developer Tim Moss has said God of War III will fill over 35Gb on a Blu-ray when it releases next month. “35Gb …

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God of War III Sex Mini-Games Explained by ESRB

If you played any of the God of War games in the past, whether it was on the Playstation 2 or PSP, you would know that you …

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Kratos…Almost an Elf

Lead environmental artist for the first God of War game, Ken Feldman, has revealed that the first design concept for Kratos had him depicted as …

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