Geoff Keighley


You Can Watch The Game Awards 2016 Live In VR

Holiday season is right around the corner, and with the holidays fast approaching it means we start talking about The Keighley Awards. Also known as …

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Geoff Keighley reveals The Game Awards 2014 Nominees

Geoff Keighley’s rejuvenated award show, The Game Awards is set to launch this December but you can catch all the nominees here

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Spike TV Announces the "Next Generation" of the VGA's, Coming This December

This year, Spike’s annual Video Game Awards show will have a fresh new name, but what does it mean?

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PlayStation Smash Bros could be a Reality

Rumours are building about the existence of a new PlayStation-branded crossover fighter after website PlayStation Lifestyle recently discovered a rather ominous looking domain registration. The …

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CES 2012: Ben Heck Turns the iPhone Into A Dedicated Handheld Gaming Device

CES isn’t simply for big companies to showcase brand new hardware, it’s also a venue for the technologically gifted to demonstrate new and creative ways …

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Portal 2 The Final Hours

Fans of Portal 2, have you ever wondered what went into creating this action, puzzle game? Granted, there’s the developer’s commentary that comes with Portal …

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