Honoring Demon’s Souls’ 10th Anniversary | How FromSoftware Made Me Love Gaming Again

October 6 marks the 10th anniversary of Demon’s Souls’ western release and I’d like to highlight it as both one of my favorite games of all time but also a game that changed and reinvigorated how I felt about the medium as a whole.

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Dark Souls 2 Cursed Trailer Haunts the Internet

The day of reckoning is nearly upon us, and the accursed one shall be the vessel to carry us through a journey full of strife, …

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E3 2013 | Can Dark Souls Really Get Better?

Dark Souls 2 is looking to be a deserving sequel to the FromSoftware title released in 2011. The hardcore gameplay appeals that drew people to …

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Dark Souls: Dukes Archive Gameplay

Recently at GamesCom 2011 FromSoftware revealed more gameplay of their upcoming game Dark Souls. The footage shown was called Dukes Archive. While the game’s basic …

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