final fantasy XIII-2


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Valhalla Trailer and GameStop Goodies

Those who are apart of GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards Program that pre-order Final Fantasy XIII-2, will receive an ingame weapon for Serah, the Genji Bow. This …

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Crystarium Screens

Almost falling off the radar due to this busy gaming season, is Final Fantasy XIII-2. This is the direct sequel to 2010’s RPG from SquareEnix. …

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Change the Future Trailer

The seven minute FFXIII-2 trailer shows off some gameplay but for the most part, its all eye candy. You see and learn more about how …

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Square Enix Announce NY Comic-Con Lineup

New York Comic Con is fast approaching, as gamer’s all over America ready themselves for a weekend they’ll never forget, the companies behind it all are readying …

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Incentives

Final Fantasy XIII-2 won’t be releasing until the end of January, however several retailers are already announcing their incentives for preordering this game. GameStop: an …

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Q&A on The Historia Crux from Final Fantasy XIII-2

In a press release, director Motomu Toriyama shares on what the Historia Crux is all about. Could you give us an overview of what the …

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