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New Fable 3 DLC is Live

Starting today, fans of Fable 3 will be able to download The Traitor’s Keep for 560 Microsoft points. Your quest is to unlock the secret …

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Fable 3 PC release date confirmed

One of the great titles of 2010 for the 360, Fable 3, has just been officially confirmed for a PC release. Originally, it was meant …

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Day Two – Achievement Unlocked Gaming Awards 2010

Welcome to the second part of The Achievement Unlocked Awards. Todays awards are: Best Story, Best Art Style, Best Voiceacting, Most Pointless Peripheral, Worst Game. …

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Fable III Limited Edition Controller

October 5th will see the released date of a gold-colored limited edition Fable 3 controller, priced at $59.99. A bit steep for a controller but …

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Fable III Opening Sequence

The opening cinematic for Fable III has been released. This game is set to be released this October on the 26th for the PC and …

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Fable 3 – Logo & Screens

Looks like Microsoft wants to get out of the gate early and show us what their new title would feature. Even though it’s only two …

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Fable III to be Revealed Next Month

Lionhead Studios has just revealed by way of their official Fable III Facebook page, that the first public showing of the game will come next …

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