Hulu and ESL

ESL signs exclusive streaming deal with Hulu

Hulu is hopping on the eSports wagon.

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Intel X-series processor

Intel’s Ties To Gaming and Esports Gets Extreme | E3 2017

Intel announced its X-series processor family to upgrade gaming and its partnership with ESL, in addition to adding a VR esports tournament.

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Twitter livestream

Twitter to Livestream ESL and DreamHack eSports Tournaments

Twitter will be partnering with ESL and Dreamhack to bring big eSports livestreams to their popular platform.

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Is Good Organization the Key to eSports’ Success?

A brief analysis and understanding behind the importance of the eSports organization.

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Esports Organizer, ESL, Will Start to Police Peformance Enhancing Drugs

The eSports organizer, ESL, will start to take steps towards the prevention of the use of performance enhancing drugs in their tournaments.

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