Macken Movie Update – The Thing Trailer

“First goddamn week of winter.” MacReady – The Thing(1982) The Thing was one of the Greatest Science Fiction Horrors of the 80’s, filled with Heroic …

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Macken Movie Update – Happy Feet Two: Trailer

Puts ‘March of the Penguins’ to Shame! You know when you see a trailer and just laugh. This is the latest trailer to make me …

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Macken Movie Update – The Muppets are Back!

Green with Envy First trailers have arrived online this week, showing the return to the best crowd of velt talking animals you’ll ever see. The …

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Macken Movie Update – X-men First Class: Character Trailers

Now I love the X-men Franchise as much as the next guy. But with the lack luster that was X-men(1 – 3) and X-men origins: …

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My 10 greatest comedy films

The Internet has gave everyone a voice, and most of the people have used these voices to make lists. So you can bet your bottom …

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Macken Movie Update – X-men First Class Posters

The new X-men Prequel is on its way, and so we have two new bits of advertising you should be seeing very shortly. The two …

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