Dream Drop Distance


What We Played October 15 – 21

Welcome to Press Start! This is a weekly segment that dives into what we here at The Game Fanatics are currently playing. Feel free to leave a comment with what you’ve been playing or if you have any questions about the games that we are currently involved with.

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Kingdom Hearts Pre Order Madness!

Kingdom Hearts fans, Square Enix is feeding into your innermost desires with pe-order prizes.

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New Kingdom Hearts 3D Screens Show Off Gorgeous CG

Happy 10th Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts! It may not seem like it’s been that long, but if you bought a copy of the first Kingdom Hearts …

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New Kingdom Hearts 3DS Tron "The Grid" Screens

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is shaping up to be another solid entry in the long-running series, and we’ve got a few new screens to …

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