tokidoki on the Xbox Marketplace | Making your Avatar Fabulous

Are you a huge fan of the brand tokidoki and want to add your fashion sense to your Xbox Avatar? Check out the tokidoki stuff …

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Xbox 360 Dashboard Improvements

A run of the mill update for the Xbox 360 dashboard. With all the changes being back end stuff, users won’t directly notice anything different, …

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Xbox LIVE Fall 2011 Dashboard Impressions

Tomorrow, Microsoft unleashes a brand new interface to the Xbox 360’s Dashboard, which people within the company have dubbed the “Metro” design. Along with the …

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Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Coming November 15th?

Microsoft showed off a brand new Xbox LIVE dashboard at E3 which featured a brand new interface, voice control, Bing search, YouTube, and the ability …

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E3 2011: New Xbox Dashboard Coming This Fall, Lots of New Features

During Microsoft’s E3 conference, a new dashboard was showing with features that further implement Kinect with features like voice command, Bing, YouTube and a new …

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Xbox 360 Spring 2011 Update News

Joystiq has posted new information regarding the upcoming Spring 2011 update, which will be a two-part update offering support for a new disc format, PayPal …

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