Commander Shepard


Mass Effect N7 Leather Jacket Will Assume Direct Control of Your Wardrobe

Mass Effect fans have been wishing for the N7 Leather Jacket to be real ever since it was introduced in Mass Effect 3. Well, the …

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Mass Effect: How Should BioWare Handle The Next Game?

Commander Shepard’s story is over. Where should BioWare take the Mass Effect franchise from here?

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Latest Mass Effect 3 N7 Weekend, "Operation: Detonator", Starts Today

Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer mode should be packed with the newest N7 Weekend challenge.

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Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut

For those of you who were not satisfied with the ending to Mass Effect 3, all of that crying and debate should stop as of …

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9 Extremely Unlikely VGA Headlines

Spike’s Video Game Awards are just around the corner and the entire industry is buzzing with lots of logical speculation. The problem is, logic can …

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