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Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3’s Powerful Cloud Processing Detailed at GDC

Crackdown 3 will be the most destructive Xbox One title seen to date. A video directly compared the physics running on an Azure cluster.

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FileGenius releases Version 5

FileGenius has released Version 5 of their storage and sharing solution, available for businesses and professional organizations. The upgrade is free for existing subscribers. Version …

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Four Screens Are Better than One with Lenovo’s New “Personal Cloud” Vision

Lenovo , the world’s number two PC company, is flexing its innovation muscle at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show and beyond, to create a seamless …

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IBM pushing memory to new heights

IBM, a company known for making leaps and bounds in technology, announced a few days ago that they have made a breakthrough in memory. This breakthrough achieves …

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DemonWare Founder Thinks OnLive, Gaikai May be Ahead of Their Own Time

If the words of the founder of numerous successful videogame industry businesses are anything to go by, it may still be too early for cloud-based …

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Project Blackout enters open beta

Underneath the swell of technically advanced triple A titles, motion sensing controllers and new cloud gaming consoles, another trend has emerged in the video game …

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