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Telltale CEO Kevin Bruner Announces Departure from Company

Telltale CEO Kevin Bruner has stepped down from the role, citing the company’s aggressive expansion in the last few years.

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Danny Bilson Leaves THQ

THQ is continuing their corporate restructuring as they continue to recover from all of the blows they’ve suffered recently. Executive Vice President of Core Games Danny Bilson, who …

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The World’s Most Intelligent Keyboard

Engage™ Keyboard with Anti-Fatigue Comfort Motion learns from how you type and automatically makes subtle adjustments to create the most comfortable computing experience ever. SmartFish …

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Viacom Selling Harmonix

I overheard on Twitter, that Viacom plans to sell Harmonix, the people behind Rock Band. Udates are being posted as they come in over at …

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New Transformers, Spider-Man, X-Men games in 2011

MAG Escalation released with special offers| GT5 set for pre-Christmas release, reiterates Sony | US Mario All-Stars Limited Edition box revealed | MS: Kinect/controller hybrid games on the way | True

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