The Game Fanatics Best Of PAX East 2012

It wasn’t easy and we didn’t agree on everything, but somehow we’ve found a way to come up with our picks for the best of …

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PAX East – Day Two Recap

I’m sure, like us, you’re all having a busy weekend. So allow us to give you all of our PAX East coverage in one location, shall …

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PAX East – Awesomenauts Is, Well…Pretty Awesome

There seems to be a large number of MOBA oriented games on the show floor. League of Legends has a gigantic booth and we enjoyed our time with …

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Awesomenauts Are Go, Set To Launch on PSN May 1st, XBLA May 2nd

Combining the action packed gameplay of a MOBA with the old school throwback of a side scroller, Awesomenauts, the upcoming XBLA and PSN title from Ronimo Games, …

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