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New videos of Hunted: The Demon's Forge

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge (inXile Entertainment) is a multi-platform cooperative action-adventure game coming out at the end of the month (May 31st). The dark ages …

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A roundup of what went down at the VGA's

Expectations were certainly exceeded this year, which such blockbusters as Elder Scrolls V, Forzas 4, Mass Effect 3, Uncharted 3, and jizz-producing news as Kratos’s entrance into Mortal Kombat, Prototype 2, and the live action Batman Arkham City….

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Indie Trial Worth Trying: Decay – Part 3 by Shining Gate Software

“Decay – Part 3″ is listed as Action & Adventure, not to be confused with an Action-Adventure game. It is an interactive story mystery game. …

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