Pokémon Sun & Moon Trailer Introduces More Pokémon and Battle Royal Mode | E3 2016

The Nintendo Treehouse livestream kicked off with new Pokémon Sun & Moon gameplay.

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Pokemon Sun & Moon Legendaries Unveiled & Put on Display

A new trailer for Pokemon Sun & Moon has been released and the Pokemon Company website have revealed new gameplay and details for the upcoming games.

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Video Games and History: Pokemon X & Y

As a history major in college, the historical elements in video games are fascinating to me and just like any art form, video games are influenced by historical elements quite often. Pokemon X & Y is no exception to this.

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Monster Hunter Generations is Coming this July!

For those hunters out there who have been waiting patiently for a release date on Monster Hunter Generations are in luck, Nintendo of America released a statement today the game will be dropping in July!

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New Pokémon Sun And Moon Details Coming Next Week

More details about Pokémon Sun and Moon will be announced next Tuesday, May 10.

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Metroid Prime Federation Force

Federation Force: Fun or Fizzle?

There’s been a lot of negative hype around Metroid Prime Federation Force over the past year. A lot.

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Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter: All Aboard the Hype Train!

Since it’s release in Japan in November of 2015, fans of Monster Hunter have been waiting tensely clutching their Brachydios plushies wondering when Generations is going to be localized for the west.

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One Trick Pony: The Issue of a Gimmick in Paper Mario Sticker Star

What happens when gimmicks get taken too far in games?

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Pokémon Sun and Moon Official Announcement and Details

Yesterday, two mysterious trademark registrations filed by Nintendo were found pointing to Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. Today, we have the official news.

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The Best Pokémon Spin-Offs

Pokémon has been an AAA franchise for nearly two decades, but it’s had more than it’s share of offbeat titles. Here are the seven best Pokémon spinoffs.

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Has More Depth Than I Thought

Thanks to a fresh look at Animal Crossing: New Leaf, I’ve discovered a world I never thought possible.

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