System Shock Remake Has Reached Kickstarter Goal

The Kickstarter campaign for Nightdive’s remake of System Shock is now fully-funded. The studio’s target of $900,000 was met and exceeded, and so the company’s projected release date of December 17th is looking entirely possible at this point.

Nightdive founder Steven Kick went into detail regarding the campaign, and the vision that Nightdive has for the project:

“We’re maintaining the original vision and the original aesthetic and narrative as close as we can. But obviously, the UI and player movement and just the way the player interacts with the game is getting a complete overhaul.”

A complete remake from the ground-up, the project has been a hit with devoted fans; not just fans of the original, but fans of contemporary games like the Bioshock series (the spiritual successor to System Shock), who are keen to see where the magic began.

Kick also went on to say that many of the mechanics that Nightdive are looking to incorporate into the remake, have been improvements that the game’s sequel, System Shock 2, put in place:

“A more robust RPG leveling system is something we’d like to do – and what was successfully done in System Shock 2. I guess you could say that we’re going to keep the narrative and level design pretty much one to one. We’ll have some freedoms involved, but the overall game is going to play more like a hybrid between System Shock 1 and System Shock 2. We all really love System Shock 2. We felt it was such a wonderful progression from the first game when it first came out. By implementing those systems we’re going to have kind of like the penultimate System Shock experience.”

Similar to the way that the masterful Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes implemented elements of MGS2 into its framework. Now that Nightdive has the money that it needs, the clock starts ticking, and we set our sights on Christmas 2017.

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