Superhot VR Update Coming Early March


Superhot Team has detailed the next update for their stylish shooter; Superhot. Dubbed Superhot VR, the update will add VR capabilities to the game along with a handful of other improvements detailed below.

Originally revealed in January, the Superhot “VR FOREVER” update will officially launch March 7th for Oculus Rift with Touch controllers along with a bevvy of new content:

  • A mode where only headshots will eliminate enemies.
  • The ability to race against your best score in real time and slow-motion.
  • A challenge mode involving completing the game without firing a shot.
  • More difficult encounter settings, like faster enemies and having less reaction time.
  • A challenge to complete the game in less than 10 minutes.

Along with the release date announcement for the upcoming update, Superhot Team announced that Superhot: The Card Game obliterated its Kickstarter goal.

If you have yet to try Superhot, it’s on our very own Cameron Irby’s Top 5 Games of 2016.

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