Sunset Overdrive Will Be Free to Play For 24 Hours on Saturday

If you’ve missed out on Sunset Overdrive during these past few months of gaming’s busy season, fear not. The game will be free to play this Saturday.

According to Xbox Live’s Major NelsonSunset Overdrive will be available on November 22nd at 12:01 Eastern Standard Time for Xbox Live Gold members. The game will be a completely free download, taking up about 23GB of your hard drive space, so get ready to push some of those other games aside and make room for one of this year’s most adventurous titles.

The best part about this promotion is that the download is no mere demo. Instead, this is the full game, including the main Story Mode and even the 8-player Chaos Squad. In addition to this, players will actually be able to earn achievements and save their progress; progress which can be picked up at a later point if one decides to purchase the game either digitally or physically.

Remember, this promotion is absolutely free but will only last for 24 hours.

What’s more, Major Nelson went on to say that, “After the weekend, the Insomniac Games All-Star team will showcase several new weapons that will be available soon. Tune into the Xbox Twitch channel on Monday, Nov. 24 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time to see what’s on the way.”

As you count down the hours until the game becomes available, why not give our review a look? It’s one of our top contenders for 2014’s Game of the Year and we absolutely loved it.


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