Sunset Overdrive Character Customization Tackles Fashion Trends

We’ve been covering Sunset Overdrive like cray-cray for the past few months and one of the interesting things about the game has to be the amount of freedom that players will receive when creating their own character. When it comes to wearing a skirt while sporting a luchador wrestling mask, the possibilities seem endless. However, the guys at Insomniac have released a video today that details on exactly how crazy we can make ourselves look.


In the video, we’ve learned from Lead Character Artist Gavin Goulden and Art Director Jacinda Chew that all of the interchangeable threads are a mash-up from three different categories, one being every day wear, the second being taken from street fashion, and the third coming from stuff you may end up wearing for a cosplay convention or clothing that belong in a particular culture. They also note that a lot of the concept creations come from clothing styles in Sicily and Russia. The combination of all these eclectic clothing lines make for an impossible amount of ways for players to go crazy.

Those leading the direction of Sunset Overdrive really wanted to push the idea that gamers had an uninterrupted choice of how they wanted to represent themselves. As you tackle the mutant infested metropolis of Sunset City, you’ll be able to fine-tune your character as any race, gender and size. Choosing the right outfit for your character will be a breeze, especially without any sort of ability or RPG attachment to any of them. This is great considering that Sunset Overdrive won’t penalize a player for just having on a lime-green kangaroo cock piece. You totally just read that right.


With Sunset Overdrive headed to the Xbox One on Oct. 28, we’re excited to see just how many ways we can make ourselves look unique. Until then you can check out the customization video below. We personally really hope to be able to dress our character into a hugely obscure, yet humorously similar Super Mario outfit with a hip-hop, urban swing to it. Make it happen, Insomniac!


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