Street Fighter V March Update Release Date Announced

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V’s March update is better late than never.

Capcom’s March update for Street Fighter V on PlayStation 4 will come in two installments on March 28th and March 30th.  The first update will add the missing challenge modes and the option to challenge people to a rematch after ranked matches. There’s a flurry of new content that emphasizes explaining the nuances of game for new players. Not only is there a challenge mode where you can complete trials for each of the 16 characters, there’s also tutorial demonstrations. There are going to be 12 beginner tutorials, 11 intermediate tutorials and 4 advanced ones. If anyone has played Street Fighter IV’s challenge mode, than the Street Fighter V’s new modes should be somewhat familiar. However, the Street Fighter IV’s challenge mode focused mainly on character specific moves and techniques rather than overall tutorials. The demonstration and tutorial modes could be very similar to Blazblue’s surprisingly deep tutorial mode.

The Street Fighter franchise is on the forefront of the competitive fighting game scene, and it looks like Capcom is trying to get as many players battle ready for the upcoming tournaments, as well as introduce new players to the cut throat competitive scene. Many competitors believe the reason to play Street Fighter is to get better at Street Fighter, and Capcom is fully embracing that notion. Entry level players have a better chance to compete with the veterans who grew up in arcade scene, refining their skills without training or challenge modes. This may level the competitive playing field, a bit, if new players fully take advantage of the modes and pay their dues.


The update on March 30th will re-introduce Alex into the series by making his character playable and adding him into the story mode. Finally, all that fight money players have been earning can be spent in the new in-game shop. The shop were you can spend your hard earned real life money has yet to be announced. No word yet if Capcom are going to expand the woefully short story campaigns, but players will take what they can get.

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