Street Fighter 4 Coming to Iphone

  • slipknot0129

    I don’t know what to do…Im 19, hes 26 and we met when i was a senior in high school and he was finishing one of his graduate degrees. Before moving in together, he usually would be a couple hours late, but that was that. He now will be a few hours late (3+) when we are supposed to hang out (unless it is with his friends and he wants me to come with him…then he is on time or only 30 minutes late), or he will ditch me all together. He also lies a lot too. 🙁 For instance, yesterday what happened was:
    The day before he lied about hanging out among other things (we were supposed to go to the mall [we never go] because i need a job interview outfit for school)…he said we would be out at 4:00, but we left at 8:30 *Street Fighter meetup* D: What really upset me was that he told his friends, “I need to go to the mall with my girlfriend.” and they were like, “what do you need to get?” and he was like, “Oh, she just wants to go shopping,” as if it weren’t important. Him and his friend sat next to me and started talking about Chinese/Taiwanese celebrities and my boyfriend was like, “That girl is sooo beautiful!” etc. and was going on about how Taiwanese girls age well and are cute…I’m white, and my boyfriend tells me when I am old I’ll be wrinkly >_>
    Then yesterday (the next day), he tells me we are going to hang out and go to the mall after my classes. I need an interview outfit! So I wake up coughing up blood and have to go see a doctor…(on my own), and I am given meds and stuff. My stomach hurts and I feel really bad…so my boyfriend says, “I’m going to go buy a coffee. Ill be back SOON.” and then I was waiting for him to come back so he could go grocery shopping with me since we have no beverages and i was told (and told him) i needed water. I wait for HOURS (as usual) and finally just go to get transcripts i need…then i call to ask if he can help me with groceries and he won’t answer…so I go get laundry change at the arcade before going to buy the water, and hes there playing street fighter as usual. I’m like ok…and he says nothing and when i leave he calls and i dont answer and go back…hes not there anymore…I just go to buy the water i need. I call about Safeway, but he says he is already at the apt. My stomach really hurts, but i have to carry the groceries around 20 blocks there/back (I dont have a car, he does).
    When i get back i am really sad, but he decides to cook dinner (we take turns)…and i go to get his iphone to write him a note telling him to pls stop ditching me (he always does this), but when i try and get it from his pocket, he gets angry. I was like, “lol” and then I tried grabbing them…but felt a carton of cigarettes. I grabbed them and he smiled at me. The past couple weeks he comes home smelling like smoke, and he says it is because he is around ppl that smell like cigarettes (even if he goes outside to “talk to his mom” for only 30 minutes)…so now he admits that he has been smoking. I’m like, “Why did u have to lie to me? i told u my ex smoked almost 2 packs per day, but u lie to me?”
    He has also been lying about stopping getting drunk every couple days…he always says he wont, but he will sneak alcohol in and get drunk.
    So im really depressed, and i tell his sister on facebook (also my friend) that he has been smoking/getting drunk too much becuz his family disapproves of this and my boyfriend gets furious and tells me to move out and that im a b*tch and basically ruined his entire life.
    Then today he calls me after i get out of class and he is at his school (he only has one class, but stays there for around 14 hours…) (we go to different schools) and i mention that since Feb. 14th is Chinese New Year and V-day, it wud be nice if we actually got to hang out (since he wants to bring his guy friend my age to hang out at my bf’s parents’ that weekend…3 hrs away). He then goes into, “I changed since yesterday [he always says this tho] and ill have better time management. U trust me now, right?” and i’m like, “how can i trust u again…u always lie to me so u need to earn trust.” and he got really mad again and was like, “so wat am i supposed to do, huh!?” and i was like, “just stop lying and ditching me…u say u will hang out with me, and i feel like an idiot waiting 3-5 or more hrs for u when i cud be doing other stuff.” He got mad and was like, “Just do ur hw and play videogames. im at school so i dont want to hear about it!”
    Also, he always talks about breaking up or ill be like, “i think we shud break up…” and he will go crazy and beg me not to leave him. =/ Im not trying to be weird, but at least i know i am rather pretty and interesting…but i have no friends nearby. My bf gets jealous and i usually have 99% guy friends, but now i dont have any friends (just acquaintances) becuz i didnt want to make my boyfriend feel bad when i started college…I dont get this, becuz when we go out he likes pointing out guys checking me out…so im scared to
    ps: in real life i dont talk much, so im sorry for the length again…it was nice to get off my chest at least. ^___^ thnx