Streamers Get More Control with Elgato Cam Link and Green Screen

Elgato Cam Link

Streamers are often tweaking their streams to look more polished and professional. One of the biggest jumps in accomplishing this is to  incorporate a green screen into a stream. Green screens unfortunately can be quite costly and require a lot of room to set up to get the effect as intended. Elgato is trying to simplify and improve this setup with two new products for streamers. The Elgato Cam Link allows streamers to hook up hi-end cameras to a PC via USB dongle, while the second is a pop-up green screen. Both new Elgato products can be used individually as well as in tandem.

Elgato Cam Link

Elgato Cam Link

Using the new Cam Link, the computer reads any high-end camera input as a webcam. The camera can then be used with any existing capture software. The setup allows for real-time feedback to livestream or view footage directly in the editing software without delay. The possibilities are exponentially increased with a high end camera allowing for a host of different lenses, angles, and editing techniques that are not available from a simple webcam.

Green Screen

Elgato Green Screen

The chroma key panel will add that pro streamer touch to streams by allowing a pro setup anywhere. The wrinkle-resistant chroma-green surface is the perfect tool for background removal during streams. The screen easily pops open and locks in place. In just seconds it can be setup or broken down to store when not in use. By using the screen, any environment can be used as a fully immersive streaming studio.

Both the Elgato Cam Link and the green screen will be available on August 18th, with pre-orders now available on Amazon as well as the Elgato online store. The Cam Link is priced at $129 while the green screen checks in at $149. With tools like these there really is not excuse to be tossing up amateur looking streams!


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