This Strange Seinfeld Mod for Doom 2 is Disturbingly Amazing

There are mods for extending a game’s longevity, some for enhancing graphics, and some experimental that really demonstrate the great qualities of the PC modding community.

And then there’s this.

This was developed by Doug Keener who has spent over 100 hours designing a replica set of the infamous Seinfeld apartment. In this mod, the player gets to interact with Jerry, Kramer, George, Elaine and even Newman. And by interact, I mean you can shoot them with a shotgun. Doom style.

As you shoot them, they blurt out sound clips from the show like shooting Kramer will cause him to say “Yo-Yo Ma” or George would say “Serenity Now!”


It’s an incredibly bizarre experience as the characters move about the apartment in unsettling ways completely ignoring that you’re there. What makes it even stranger and even more disturbing is the fact that the Seinfeld theme joyfully plays in the background during all of this.

It’s a tremendous effort by Doug Keener who himself is a massive Seinfeld fan and wanted to pay tribute. What better way is there? Newman being inside an additional room was genius. Bravo Doug, maybe next time you’ll do a Cheers version?

Source: [Doug Keener]

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