Steam Autumn Sale Launches in Time for Thanksgiving

If you would rather stay at home instead of going shopping on Black Friday for big gaming deals, Steam‘s got your back. The 2013 Steam Autumn Sale is here, and it brings some great highlights, like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on sale for $7.49. Also up for grabs include Counter Strike: Global Offensive for $7.49, Grand Theft Auto IV for $9.99, the excellent Sleeping Dogs for just $4.99, and the surprisingly addictive Prison Architect for $14.99.

There are tons of other deals, as many games are marked down 50% to 75% off regular price, much like the annual Steam Summer and Winter Sales, complete with Daily Deals and Flash Sales to watch out for. A good rule of thumb is to watch the Flash Sales and Daily Deals: you likely won’t see titles listed in those areas selling for any less.

This, combined with online offerings from Target, Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart, make staying at home an appealing choice for most gamers looking to save a buck.

What are you picking up?

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