StarCraft: Remastered Is On Its Way

It’s comeback time. StarCraft: Remastered is coming this summer with sharp 4K UHD graphics and lots of trouble between the three factions. It will include the classic game and the StarCraft: Brood War expansion pack with revised recordings of both voices and soundtracks.

This rejuvenated version focuses purely on improved looks and leaves gameplay untouched. Players will get the true StarCraft experience in a more accessible and current form. “While these improvements will bring StarCraft to the modern era, gameplay and balance have been precisely preserved, for an experience that will feel identical to veteran players,” said Blizzard in a press release.

 Nineteen Years Later, A New Beginning

StarCraft: Remastered Terran Gameplay

Terran, Protoss, and Zerg will revive their battles and give players new stories. The Friend and Matchmaking updates mean StarCraft: Remastered will be fully integrated with Blizzard’s online system. The LAN party memories return as we see one ruling competitive game revisit a loved beginning. It’s still as intense as its first appearance back in 1998. To celebrate the remaster, Blizzard will offer StarCraft: Anthology for free. This comes as part of a new update to the classic game.

Coming to PC and Mac, the long-awaited remaster will relaunch the saga. The bright detailed looks will affect the whole title, from Mutalisk’s wings to the campaign briefings. For further graphic comparisons and extra information, visit the official website.

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