Star Wars: The Old Republic Pre-Order is Open

The wait is almost over! For those who get emails from the Star Wars the Old Republic community, you’re inbox has a surprise for you. Pre-ordering the game now will save you a spot in line for early game access, so the sooner, the better.

There will be three types that you can pre-order:The Standard, The Digital Delux Edition and the Collector’s Edition.

With the Deluxe edition, you will get five items for your character: a flare gun, holodancer, Stap, a training droid and a holocam. This is a digital download that you can obtain via Origin and will cost you $80 dollars.

The Standard version will cost $60 and will only include the game and thirty days free (which comes with all three versions) however if you want the digital standard edition, that will cost you $60.

The Collector’s Edition will be $150 dollars and will come with a Giant Darth Malgus statue, collectible case, a journal, galaxy map, music CD and seven items: flare gun, training droid, holodancer, stap, mouse dorid and access to the collkectror’s edition store.

Supplies are limited to get your pre-order in now!


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