Star Wars Paraphernalia Gets Excessive: Star Wars Evian Bottles

Star Wars. One of the most beloved science fiction franchises in the world.

And there’s only one thing franchises are good for: expanding. If you have something that’s known and beloved to all and you want something else to sell, make it somehow related to what’s beloved. It’ll sell. Franchises are just good business practice, right?

So, if you have something as popular as the original Star Wars trilogy, might as well make a prequel trilogy. Oh and some light sabers. Bitches love light sabers. You know what? I want this notebook to sell. Let me smack some Star Wars onto there. Boom. I’m suddenly making millions because Anakin’s face is on this notebook.

I can understand notebooks, backpacks, and action figures, but that’s where I draw the line.

And Star Wars crossed that line of franchise-milking insanity.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, the Star Wars Evian bottle. The bottle that made me decide that things have finally gone too far. Each of these bottles are designed to look like a character from Star Wars. Congratulations, Evian and George Lucas, you have just found yet another way to rip off those poor sods that collect Star Wars related things… by making them pay $2 extra dollars for water.

So, what are we in for next? 3D Evian bottles? Blu-ray Evian bottles?

Thanks, CoolestGadgets.

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