Star Trek Online Might Become Free to Play

Recently, Cryptic’s Champions Online became free to play. Their super hero filled MMO used to come with a monthly subscription fee. This could be because many players started to leave this MMO for others or waiting for the new Star Wars MMO to be released. It could also be a way to get new players into the game or invite those who left, to come back.

Personally, I’ve played this MMO as a trail (while being part of City of Heroes) and I couldn’t get into it. Even with it being free, I won’t be buying Champions Online.

Now if City of Heroes became free to play, that I might go back to but only if I could retrieve my old characters. Since I already own the game all I would have to do is to active my account. I spent a lot of time and had a lot of fun with City of Heroes, that I wouldn’t mind playing it again.

The newest rumor is that Cryptic might make Star Trek Online free to play as well. I’ve played STO and I’m not a huge Star Trek fan so I stopped playing it after a short while. However, my husband loved Star Trek and even joined in the Totally Rad Show’s fleet with many other gamers. Unfortunately, over time, many gamers started to leave the game and eventually so did my husband.

If more people start to play Champions Online, it might be possible that STO will become free to play as well.

“I’m sure people are wondering whether we’ll do it with Star Trek and the question is really how well it does for Champions. We’re not sold one way or the other with Star Trek yet. If people want Star Trek to go free-to-play then get in and play Champions and help make it a great success, because that would send a strong message.” – Cryptic CEO Jack Emmert

There’s no telling if Champions Online will receive that big enough of a  jump in players to warrant free to play for Star Trek Online, especially with MMOs out there like World of Warcraft, Everquest and the upcoming Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic.

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