Sail The Galaxy In Star Ocean 5 This Summer

Update: Square Enix announced today that Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness will launch in Europe on July 1st. Also, details on the Collector’s Edition has surfaced as well. Preorders are currently available through Square Enix’s Online Store.

SO5 collector


Original Story: Seems like 2016 just got one more JRPG title to stuff into the already packed year. Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness will be coming to the PlayStation 4 consoles on June 28th.

Do take notice that the June release date is for the North American region only at this time. This information was first spotted on the Square Enix online store and then later at Game Informer. The site details a “Day One” edition for the latest Star Ocean title and revealed that the edition is up for pre-order right now.

The “Day One” edition comes with exclusive in-game DLC that helps players get a leg up on the combat in advance. Special items will include equipment which boosts attack damage, reduces the amount of MP (Magic Points) used, reduces damage taken, increases the quantity of EXP earned and a bevy of other special benefits.


Owners of the “Day One” edition can also change the original Battle BGM to that of the Background music from Valkyrie Profile’s titles.

Star Ocean 5 will launch on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, but only the PlayStation 3 version will launch exclusively to the Japanese region–which is set to release on April 28th. Crazily enough, Japan gets to play Star Ocean 5 before westerners because the JRPG title hits shelves today for PlayStation 4 there, and on June 28 for America. We only have to wait a few months, no big deal right?

In the attempt to make people happy, Star Ocean 5 will also feature dual audio. This setting allows players to choose between their preferred option of having English or Japanese dialogue. View this as the figurative icing on the cake. As of right now, no details pertaining to the title’s European and Australasian launch has been made known. We will update the story when further information becomes available regarding the two other regions.

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