Soundcheck: Spotify Web Player in Beta (Get it Here Now!)

So there has been a lot of buzz around the web about a rumored Spotify web player, well the rumors can now be layed to rest as we have confirmed that there is indeed a Spotify web client that’s currently in beta testing, and we have the link for you below.

When we reached out to Spotify for a comment, they responded to us with:

There is not much to say other then that we can confirm that the Spotify web player will be rolling out in beta to our users over the next few weeks and months.  Much more to come in the new year.

Now we’ve been using the Spotify web player for a few days now and we’re simply shocked at how polished it is. Granted, it’s missing a few features such as rating  or sorting songs, it still feels like a finished product. The Spotify web player is certainly a viable option for Spotify who’ve had to resort to other alternatives such as listening on their mobile devices or using Pandora on PC’s where they cannot install the Spotify client.

Get your hands on the Spotify Web Beta

[button link=”” variation=”lightgrey” size=”large”]Spotify Web Player Beta[/button]

Be sure your Flash player is up to date, and you’re signed in to Facebook, and voila, the powers of Spotify in your web broswer!

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