Splinter Cell: Conviction CE getting $10 discount due to faulty USB drive

Looks like Sam won’t be the only one to have a bone to pick in Splinter Cell: Conviction. Anyone who pre-ordered the collector’s edition will be left with a faulty USB drive.

Yes that awesome credit card shaped USB drive with art and behind the scenes on it. The publisher recently noticed that some of the USB drives didn’t work. Nothing else with be affected in the collector’s edition such as the Art Book, in game gun and outfit, Decals, and Comic Book.

Ubisoft rep’s told Joysitq that “they emphasized that the game is not affected in any way” and because of this the official price of the CE will be dropped from $79.99 to $69.99.

So not a total loss but one for those whom were looking forward to this, again by “some”, we can only assume that some people will have working ones and others won’t. Ubisoft has said they will roll out the content not accessible to some at later date after launch.

Be sure to call your local retailer to make sure this price change has taken effect reflecting the $10 discount. If you haven’t already, the demo is out now on the Xbox 360 and will sneak into some store at midnight Monday and arrive at others on Tuesday on the Xbox 360 and PC.

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