Spellcasting Revealed in King Arthur II

Ah, yes. No game featuring King Arthur and the Britannia of ‘auld’ would be quite right without some magic and spellcasting. Some of Britannia’s warriors are legendary for their spellcasting. In the heat of battle, you can use their skills to use magic at strategic points.

Magic within King Arthur II: The Roleplaying Game will either have instant effects or lasting active effects. Spells can either be cast within seconds, or take long period of time to cast. Recharge time for these spells can be anything from seconds to minutes. Some spells require more dedication and focus than others to cast, thus warriors who cast more complicated spells cannot be involved in melee battle. After all, it is a little hard to try and cast a spell that will bring down a giant blizzard on your enemies if you’re trying to dodge an axe to the face. Thus, if your spellcasting warrior is embroiled in battle in the midst of casting a spell, that spell will be interrupted. As is the norm for most fantasy games, the use of magic drains mana.

Well, casting spells is great and all, but what about defense against the dark arts (sorry, I had to)? In each battle, both armies begin with a magic shield that protects you army from spells… initially. Each spell comes with penetration ratings. The higher the penetration rating, the better chance that the spell will break through the magic shield and rain hell on your army below. Each spell that’s cast, even if it doesn’t penetrate the shield, will reduce the magic shield’s strength.

Overall, the magic featured seems pretty standard for a fantasy roleplaying game. Use area spells to bring down groups and watch your cooldown times. Sounds simple enough.

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