Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2, Dead Space 3 Existence May Have Been Leaked

  • monkey1111111

    Im sure you had fun writing this article eh? 😉

  • Margery Degarmo

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  • Cecilia Osburn

    i want speed so i can generate cuz i can generate ok and shoot actually good and do allmost each thing good but like i want speed. any help?

  • Deborah Holliday

    I know Visceral game titles closed down but twitter and Facebook preserve bringing information of Dead space 3. I didn’t know if EA took management of Dead area due to the fact of it is reputation or if there will not even be a Lifeless space 3.

  • Monique Spalding

    When i run nfs sizzling pursuit on my pc it runs good….but when the race will begin then the screen gets to be black…the roads,environment gets to be glitchy black but the cars look okay…..why is this happening? Can anybody assist me

  • Monique Spalding

    I have the game installed on my Laptop, all the information are there (and no, I did not pirate them; I installed them from my CD; which I bought). I would like to install far more songs into it, so I ask:
    To what folder do I add the music?
    What format is it? should it be .mp3?
    do I want software to set up it, or just place it in a folder?
    Thank You

  • Amy Lemaster

    My good friend just gave me 2 discs in which Need To Have For Speed: Hot Pursuit is installed. Disc2 is study correctly but the disc1 is unreadable. Though the disc is observed to total when cautiously seen on the back surface of it. All other Discs on my pc are readable. But this a single is not. I wanna set up the sport and was waiting around since long. Make Sure You guys I want some help. Now what ought to I do? Is there a dilemma in the disc or my Drive is broken or not operating properly??

  • Loretta Neale

    i want speed so i can drive cuz i can generate ok and shoot genuinely good and do allmost each issue good but like i need speed. any help?

  • Amie Wolken

    nfs hot pursuit original pc recreation disk

  • Deborah Holliday

    My pc Spec:
    Processor: Pentium (R) Dual-Core CPU E5300 @2.6Ghz
    Ram: 6GB
    Graphic card: ATI Radeon HD 5450
    Game graphics: 3839mb available
    Hard drive:500gb
    DirectX-version:DirectX 10

    Requirements for the game:
    Minimum System Requirements
    OS: Windows XP SP3/Vista SP1/Windows 7
    Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO @ 1.6 GHz
    Memory: 1 GB
    Hard Drive: 6 GB Free
    Video Memory: 512 MB (NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT/ATI Radeon X1800)
    Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
    DirectX: 9.0c
    Keyboard & Mouse

    How clean will the recreation operate for me?

  • encyclopath

    Recently, I purchased the game; Need For Speed: Undercover for Xbox 360, and after playing it for a while I found that I couldn’t enjoy the free-roam aspect of the game as there are always Police on absolutely every corner, and they begin to chase me if they catch me travelling at only 60 miles per hour! The lowest speed at which I have noticed the Police begin to chase me was 57mph. I wasn’t crashing into anything, I was on the right side of the road, I was even ‘pretending’ to drive normally, but still they began to chase me. It’s especially annoying, as, if / when they catch you, your car acquires a ‘point’, and if it acquires 3 ‘points’, they take your car from you and it can never be recovered / redeemed. I think that the developers of the game made the Police and the rules of the game way to strict for it to be fun.
    Has anybody else ever thought the same or noticed the same things happening to them?

  • isk8at818

    I don’t know if this is a cheat or hack or glitch or what. Sometimes when i race, i cant see the other player. I go and it says that he is in 2nd place the whole time. Literally 1 second before i finish in 1st. It says that the other guy won. He was in second the whole time, how did he win?! Has this happened to u?

  • Sahil

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  • arronwrath

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  • Alun J

    I am playing need for speed world on the pc and I want to know how to get free boost points. It doesn’t have to be hacking method. If there is a way that I can do that by just winning rewards, just tell me.

  • Alun J

    Okay, twice now, part way through the final series in need for speed shift, the game freezes and I have to turn off my playstation and when it goes back on it recognizes that I have completed the first 4 races, thanks to autosave. So can I start it on the last race just to get the last 5 stars? Thanks.

  • evil chevy

    Hi, I need help with drag races in need for speed underground2. I always lose and blow out the engine, also can anone help me with dyno tuning settings so I can have the best performance on my car for drag?

  • liza

    And if there is please post a link.

  • diggn4richez

    and games having more files….so many copies…are der….how to remove the from it…??…….answer me fast plz….


    my nephew likes that game bt he can’t play it anymore cuz it causes bugs. so i would like to know some other games like it. and plz no world of war craft. thnx!

  • XplicitzZ

    I have need for speed most wanted for xbox and want to know the cheat for infinite nitrous.

  • Mark

    is this the new channel viewing way forward for most football matches in the future.

  • liza

    The games take ages to load and then usually crash with a ‘failure to connect to server’ page.

    I’ve followed all of Pogo’s recommendations but it still fails for me and my good lady on her PC, so I’m wondering if there’s a link via the ISP.

    Thanks in advance.