How Sony Can Bring the Year of Dreams 2.0 at E3

Sony’s E3 press conference last year was quite the spectacle. From the seemingly improbable Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the resurfacing of The Last Guardian and the insane out-of-leftfield Shenmue 3 Kickstarter, Sony’s 2015 E3 presser was one for the ages. It was deftly nicknamed the Year of Dreams. Is it possible to repeat this year? A Year of Dreams 2.0?



Even though the trademark was recently renewed, which doesn’t mean anything substantial, we still haven’t learned much about Agent. We have a vague understanding of its setting but no story or even how it actually plays. This illusive game was first announced as a third-party PlayStation 3 exclusive in 2009. It seems to be following in the same trajectory as The Last Guardian, it often pops in and out of relevancy and there hasn’t been a direct confirmation of a cancellation. Will we see a full-blown re-reveal at E3?



Crash has been teased for quite a while. From that time Shawn Layden just casually walked out on stage at PSX 2015 wearing a Crash t-shirt to Crash’s surprise appearance in a recent video game which we won’t spoil here. You can almost smell it in the air, something is coming and it may be the return of the Sony mascot himself. Crash Bandicoot on PS4. Who would be developing it? How would it play?



I know, I know.

Another remaster. Soon this generation will only be remembered for its remasters if the trend continues but this is a special case. Demon’s Souls is what started it all, the Souls craze and it would be such a treat if it was given the next-gen treatment. Imagine exploring Boletaria in the Bloodborne engine? This would be another megaton announcement and one that would be appropriate given the fact that the Dark Souls games will likely be put on ice for now. It is perfect timing for Demon’s Souls Remastered and hey, maybe we’ll finally get to explore that broken Archstone right? Umbasa.

Red Dead Redemption Sequel

red dead

From this list, this may be the likeliest title to surface at E3. There are already rumblings of a Red Dead Redemption remaster announcement so a sequel might not be too far away. I can only imagine what Red Dead might look like on PS4 and at the very least I expect it to look even better than Grand Theft Auto V which is a visual achievement in its own right. What will it be called? Red Dead Revolution? Red Dead Run?

The Last of Us 2


Coming off the heels of the excellent Uncharted 4, Naughty Dog is probably looking to put their feet up and focus on supporting Uncharted 4 Multiplayer and the single player DLC. It would be too soon after a major release to be talking about a new game but they kind of already did that back in 2013 when they announced Uncharted for PS4; the same year they launched The Last of Us.

It would be a tremendous surprise if Bruce and Neil from Naughty Dog showed up on stage and unveiled a teaser trailer for The Last of Us 2. Honestly, after last year’s E3 anything is pretty much possible now so we’re not counting any of these games out until E3 week is through.

So what do you think? Is this enough to constitute a Year of Dreams 2.0? What would you like to see at Sony’s E3 2016 press conference? Sound off below.

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