Sony Announces The Xperia sola

  • Shadow0623

    My interest has been perked

  • chuckynoris

    Wow..just wow.

  • V.Tiger

    LOL! this is why I stick my my N64.

  • FunnyMonkey

    This shit rocks!

  • Benjamin.Mira

    really excited for this!

  • V.Tiger

    Always wondered if this game was any good…

  • D360

    really excited for this!

  • panteraclaw

    Thanks for the post.

  • Elinor Tuten

    Sorry for incorrect problem above.
    My issue is

    Can i use programs of android smartphones in android tablets?

    Please inform me. I’m planning to obtain an android tablet

  • Elyn Patchman

    I use to have a sony ericsson when i with AT&T but now i have verizon and i cant discover any sony ericsson apart from the Xperia Play.. and that just doesn’t look like a mobile phone id like.

  • Abbey Spencer

    What about the HTC Droid amazing 2? Samsung galaxy S2? For the USA?

  • Monique Spalding

    block undesirable calls/text messages? I understand that other safety applications already have the ability to block undesirable calls/texts.

  • Lizzie Galatioto

    I need a new phone, but all the good verizon phones need that stupid data package. I like the Sony Ericsson phones, but I don’t know much about them or which ones I can use on Verizon.


  • Anny

    I need a new phone, but all the good verizon phones need that stupid data package. I like the Sony Ericsson phones, but I don’t know much about them or which ones I can use on Verizon.


  • white man

    hey i came to know that these phone arent supported by google apps.. is it???
    like temple run’work on these phones?? reply me asap i want to buy it

  • Arminator


  • borabora5524

    rather than video calls or video iphones, does anyone knows if theres a sony ericsson mobile that has a front-camera for taking a picture?

  • ouch

    I have a MacBook Pro and an Ipad… tempted to get an Iphone too, but Smartphones cost so much more than just regular phones. Verizon charges an extra $30 minimum per month. After a year, that’s like $360! You know what I could do with $360?!

    I dunno… is it really worth all the extra money?

  • Stevalicious

    As of right now Sony only has the 40GB PS3 on the market. Is Sony planning to make a new model that is backwards complatible with PS2 or are there no plans for that in the future?

  • brincks26

    iphone games are being advertised everywhere, eg. Realore, BigFish, FlashGames etc. Will these games work on other smartphones if I have the correct app?

    I am trying to decide which smartphone to get this year, but I don’t really want to hop onto the iphone bandwagon just yet. Maybe you guys could recommend a smartphone where I can still download games?

  • Harry

    I know the iPhone is on its way, but are there any smartphones being released that have a touchscreen? I am a really big fan of the Droid Incredible, but should I get it at the end of February or just forget about it?

  • kevindiking67verizonnet

    What is the difference between the “email and web for smartphones” and “unlimited data” plans for Verizon and why would I want the unlimited plan?

  • mike s

    I am trying to figure out which companies make the hard drive for samsungs, motorolas, htc and apple for both their tablets and smartphones.

    i cant tell if its seagate or sandisk or any other manufacturer

  • Death Knight

    and if it isnt included for smartphones i can pick any other phone i want and have it put on the prepaid plan? but why do they have certain prepaid phones if thats the case?
    i know id have to pay full price but if theres a smartphone available in prepaid service id get it
    oh also what about the blackberry phones?

  • kewlflame14

    I wanted an iPhone but when i saw in on AT & T it said that there was a data plan. It always used to be unlimited for a certain bill but now the unlimited data plan costs like 30$ monthly. So is there any smartphones with unlimited data plans that are not too expensive because i don’t want to have to worry about going over 200 MB and getting billed extra.

  • opurt

    Im really not a fan of the iphone, I like android smart phones much better. But one thing i really like about the iphone is its build quality. The high quality glass and the metal band that goes around the phone is really appealing. But no other smartphone has been able to match this build quality. Do you think any other phones will be built like this in the future? Most smartphones are really plasticy except for the galaxy s phones with metal battery covers. I guess only the “best” for apple right?

  • Taylor2k

    When you go to the verizon store, all of their multimedia phones and smartphones require you to buy a data plan. Is this only if you’re using their 1-2 year contract discount?
    Like say if I got a phone from someone else and it happens to be a multimedia phone, would I still have to buy a data plan for it??
    And if I don’t get it from verizon, which phones would still require the data plan and which phones wouldn’t?

  • Lia-lu-li

    I have tried figuring that out, I mean nonOS or nonSmartphones did have applications available for download to like what we are seeing with the smartphones. There are even non smartphones that features the facebook apps and other similar useful tools seen on smartphones. So, whats the difference between non smarts and smartphones? i wanna know.