Sony May Be The Last To announce The PS4

  • Janet Somerville

    I Am asking this query due to the fact I’ve heard that it may possibly be opened by someone, lost, stolen or not currently being taken care of. Any assist plzzzz?!!

  • clntvrrt

    I think what they did was a great idea. Why can’t we do it here? I know if we tried the police would come busting in to let the rich people out and leave everyone else on their butts. I just want to know why when we protest here we get in trouble, but when they do it over there, they are seen so much differently? I would have loved to have seen the bank execs and business execs get locked in a room or stripped of all their money and possessions after what they did.

  • borabora5524

    What Time is Bungies confrence? Is any1 streaming it? post url in response

  • llb443

    My dad switched satellite companies, and sadly that means I can’t watch G4’s annual E3 coverage because I don’t have G4.

    So what is the best way to watch E3 2008? Is Spike TV doing something? Or is there some online sites?

    However because of my slow internet, video sites would be a pain, but still recommend them if you have any 😀

  • Scott W

    I recently enlisted in the US Army which is a great honor and I want to thank all the soldiers that have done it before me. I’m starting off as an E1 because I don’t have that many college hours and I wasn’t in the ROTC program in high school. I’ve heard that there are several ways to get promoted to and E3 before even leaving to basic training. Any suggestions? Please advise.

  • Scott W

    How many days is E3 going for? I know we’re on the 2nd day right now.

  • easton j

    what time and date will it be in ireland and uk when the nintendo e3 press conference is on in L.A
    the reason i’m asking is because i’m going on holiday’s on wed 8th june and i want to see the nintnedo e3 press conference oh and where can i watch it online thanks

  • slipknot0129

    E3 stopped being a public event back in 2007. I was wondering how much tickets were for E3 2006.

  • Larry R

    1.Besides more pay what is the difference between an E3 and the ranks below it? respect? more leadership? etc

    2. Will the guard take a person with a youthful offender charge of theft in the 3rd degree (misdemeanor shoplifting)

    3.when does pay start for an enlistee because I dont ship to may of 2011 but I will be in school to get more college credit till then and I will be in the RSP and ROTC program before i ship to basic?