Sony Announces Over 200 Software Titles Are In Developement for PlayStation VR


Early adopters of Sony’s PlayStation VR may not have to wait much longer for more content. Aside from big AAA titles like Resident Evil 7 and Dirt Rally VR, content has been fairly sparse for the peripheral.

Thankfully, Sony has announced there are more than 200 software titles in development for PlayStation VR. Also, Sony revealed that the PlayStation VR posted 915,000 units sold as of last weekend. Both of these announcements bode extremely well for the Sony’s virtual reality peripheral. To date, the majority of the releases to date have been “experiences” rather than AAA releases.

This is the kind of support Sony needs to make the virtual reality console a real success. The sales are there, now we just need good high-quality content to back it up. It seems like the device is going for the wide approach, not relying on four or five big titles but rather an array of different experiences. Sony’s press release named a couple of titles of note, which included Tekken 7, Farpoint, Final Fantasy XV, and Gran Turismo Sport. It should be noted these titles will likely be optional VR more akin to Resident Evil 7.

Sony shows no signs of slowing down support on the peripheral. The next big title to release on PlaySation VR,  Starblood Arena, releases April 11th, 2017.

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