Sonic Generations PS3 Demo Impressions

Sonic is back with a whole new adventure for retro gamers and modern Sonic lovers! Welcome to Sonic Generations. Everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog is back running those green hills and setting sail on a whole new adventure that I am sure everyone will enjoy. This time not only will you be able to play with modern sonic, but gamers that love the retro era of the series will be able to play with classic Sonic as well. With that being said lets hop right into it.

I must say… Sega really did their homework with this project. I’m a really big Sonic/Sega fan and I haven’t been a big believer in their latest Sonic games, but Sonic Generations could actually give me those chills I once had as a child again. The demo is very short but its enough to know if the game will be least on the classic side. You get to play as classic Sonic on a level constructed some what identical to first level on Sonic the Hedgehog “Green Hill”. First thing you will notice about Sonic Generations is that the visuals are beautiful. I don’t know about the modern Sonic side, but going from 2.5D to 3D at some points in this demo and still looking very pretty is a thumbs up for me.

When it comes to gameplay, Sega has brought back the old elements of classic Sonic that we all know and love. When it comes to speed fast is an understatement. You could almost fly through this demo if wanted to. There is no screen tear or lag and Sonic’s moves are sleek and smooth even at light speed. The only problem I have with the speed is you’ll never know when you might run into a enemy, and with Sonic running at top speed that is a disaster waiting to happen. The character models are greatly designed and full of color. From Sonic to the enemies, every element of this game will take you back to the early 90s where Sonic ruled the Sega Genesis.

All in all, Sonic Generations in my opinion will be a definite winner. If your a big fan of classic Sonic you will 100% unquestionably be reliving your childhood. If your a big fan of modern Sonic I am sure you will enjoy the new adventures as well. If you haven’t played the Sonic Generations demo yet its available on the Xbox Live marketplace and the PlayStation store. This is one Sonic title you do not want to miss out on and with Sonic from each time period teaming up.. the adventures are unimaginable.

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