So Long Rock Band and Thanks for all the Songs

Harmonix is putting an end to weekly downloads for Rock Band 3. It has had a fantastic run, a song or songs every week for five years, but now it is time to move on.

The final weekly downloadable song will be American Pie by Don McLean. This song was released in two parts, with the total length of the song being over eight minutes long and was recorded back in 1971.

I still play Rock Band 3 and I still enjoy playing it. When I first started to play this genre, I had no idea that I would love it so much or that I would actually win a competition playing it. When Guitar Hero came out in 2005 I was terrible at it and Guitar Hero frustrated me to no end. I felt like I was stuck on easy for months before I was able to play on medium. However I kept at it. When Guitar Hero 2 came out, I was much better at the game. Fast forward to my transition from Guitar Hero to Rock Band. I loved the idea of creating my own band (Bad Wolf) and my own band members. It brings something more to the game. I’ve spent countless hours playing the Rock Band games and I am grateful to Harmonix for that. Not so much with the massive boxes that I had to deal with when I worked at GameStop, but either way, Rock Band as a whole has given me great memories that will be hard to forget.

For five years of downloadable content and the years of great memories, Harmonix and Rock Band, I thank you.

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